BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f/centos75Update .gitreview for f/centos75Dean Troyer4 months
f/centos76Merge "default.xml: Add support the f/centos76 branches" into f/centos76Zuul5 days
m/2018.07Configure manifest for m/2018.07 branchDean Troyer5 months
m/2018.08Configure manifest for m/2018.08 branchDean Troyer4 months
masterPull stx-qemu stx/v3.0.0 branchJim Somerville12 days
r/2018.10Add default revision for starlingx remoteErich Cordoba13 days
2018.10.0commit 35b970d9ed...Dean Troyer8 weeks
2018.10.rc1commit 104f305348...Dean Troyer3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 daysPull stx-qemu stx/v3.0.0 branchHEADmasterJim Somerville
2018-10-15Remove ima-evm-utils repoDean Troyer
2018-10-05fix tox python3 overrides98k
2018-09-26Pull stx-libvirt stx/v4.7.0 branch2018.10.rc1Dean Troyer
2018-09-06Pull stx-distcloud and stx-distcloud-client from GerritDean Troyer
2018-08-09Remove unused reposDean Troyer
2018-08-07Add distributed cloud repos to StarlingXScott Little
2018-08-03Remove empty repo stx-utilsScott Little
2018-08-03Remove empty repos stx-gplv2 and stx-gplv3Scott Little
2018-07-27Revert "Configure manifest for m/2018.07 branch"Dean Troyer