BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
f/steinMerge remote-tracking branch 'starlingx/master' into HEADScott Little37 hours
m/2018.07Update .gitreview for m/2018.07Dean Troyer7 months
m/2018.08Update .gitreview for m/2018.08Dean Troyer6 months
masterMerge "Standardize makefile for guest-scale-agent"Zuul35 hours
r/2018.10Add publish job for docsDean Troyer4 months
2018.10.0commit 754e576cb3...Dean Troyer4 months
2018.10.rc1commit 2f4e35734c...Dean Troyer5 months
2018.08.0commit 483a94531f...Dean Troyer6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
35 hoursMerge "Standardize makefile for guest-scale-agent"HEADmasterZuul
38 hoursMerge "Fix compute host delete with no kubernetes node"Zuul
2 daysFix compute host delete with no kubernetes nodeBart Wensley
4 daysMerge "Standardize makefile for guest-common"Zuul
6 daysStandardize makefile for mtce-guestErich Cordoba
8 daysStandardize makefile for guest-commonErich Cordoba
10 daysStandardize makefile for guest-scale-agentErich Cordoba
10 daysConfigure VIM nova listener queue as HABart Wensley
11 daysMerge "Apply NoExecute taint to locked nodes"Zuul
11 daysApply NoExecute taint to locked nodesBart Wensley