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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysPut py27 and py35 jobs back on XenialDean Troyer
11 daysSupport fine-grained service enablementDean Troyer
2019-02-14Fix configutilities and controllerconfig installs in DevStackDean Troyer
2019-02-01Enable pylint zuul check for configutilitiesAl Bailey
2019-01-30Enable python3.5 sysinv unit testSun Austin
2018-12-24Add puppet-lint supportDon Penney
2018-12-04Improve pylint checking in stx-configAl Bailey
2018-11-22Merge "add sysinv-agent devstack support"Zuul
2018-11-22Enable pep8 and pylint in zuul for cgts-clientAl Bailey
2018-11-22add sysinv-agent devstack supportAustin
2018-11-08Add cgts-client py27 tests to zuulLachlan Plant
2018-11-05Leverage the stx-update, stx-integ and stx-fault DevStack pluginsDean Troyer
2018-10-09Add api-ref and relnotes publish jobsDean Troyer
2018-10-09Merge "Add publish job for docs"Zuul
2018-10-05Selectively run subproject-specific jobsDean Troyer
2018-10-05Add publish job for docsDean Troyer
2018-09-21[Doc] OpenStack API Reference GuideAbraham Arce
2018-09-21[Doc] Release Notes ManagementAbraham Arce
2018-09-21[Doc] Building docs following Docs Contrib GuideAbraham Arce
2018-09-12Fix flake8 errors in sysinvPatrick Bonnell
2018-09-11Make linters and sysinv py27 tests gatingBart Wensley
2018-09-07Enable zuul check and gate for unit testsBart Wensley
2018-09-05Add explicit noop gate jobAndreas Jaeger
2018-08-13Add a zuul job for sysinv tox unittestMingyuan Qi
2018-06-29Remove non-voting job from gateDean Troyer
2018-06-08Add default test frameworkDean Troyer