BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
m/2018.07Update .gitreview for m/2018.07Dean Troyer5 months
m/2018.08Update .gitreview for m/2018.08Dean Troyer4 months
masterMerge "Change compute node to worker node personality"Zuul2 days
r/2018.10Add publish job for docsDean Troyer2 months
2018.10.0commit db11b20ce4...Dean Troyer8 weeks
2018.10.rc1commit e27ad5e5d8...Dean Troyer3 months
2018.08.0commit a814981a9f...Dean Troyer4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysMerge "Change compute node to worker node personality"HEADmasterZuul
4 daysMove STX local settings from stx-horizonKristine Bujold
5 daysChange compute node to worker node personalityTao Liu
11 daysMove Starlingx branding from stx-horizon to stx-guiKristine Bujold
11 daysMerge "CEPH support for 2 node configuration"Zuul
12 daysChange openstack-dev to openstack-discussZhijunWei
13 daysCEPH support for 2 node configurationIrina Mihai
2018-11-30Add a new column to display available volume group sizeWei Zhou
2018-11-27Remove support for nova-local lvm backend for compute hostsJim Gauld
2018-11-23Enable zuul unit tests for stx-guiKristine Bujold